ICD-10 Services for Healthcare IT

To ensure that you avoid compliance issues and delays or denials in claims payments, you need a team of ICD-10 experts to spearhead each task. We can offer you talented professionals who understand how to use this new coding structure to improve patient care.

Our ICD-10 professionals:

  • Perform IT assessments on existing software to make it ICD-10 ready
  • Create detailed project plans from the beginning of the transition and through its completion
  • Carry out ICD-10 technology integration
  • Upgrade and enhance utilization
  • Perform revenue cycle optimization
  • Prevent loss of productivity by providing customized training to all relevant personnel.

Don’t let ICD-10 slow you down. Take advantage of the improved accuracy it offers for billing, disease treatment, and tracking. We can assemble your team of ICD-10 experts today!

We also provide ICD-10 services in the HIM sector. Learn more here.