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Healthcare information management has been a hot topic in the medical field since long before the common use of computers or the bills passed by the current administration. Even before the advent of things like HIPPA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, medical professionals have seen a need to properly organize and transmit patient information to ensure smooth operations for both patient and provider. Specialized computer software has made that goal much more effortless.

One of the programs on the front lines of healthcare information management is EPIC’s Healthcare Information Management system. The system, which integrates seamlessly with other EPIC and third-party products, provides tools that simplify healthcare records management tasks – all with an easy-to-use interface that allows medical professionals and the people who assist them to navigate EPIC HIM almost as easily as they navigate the web.

It has built-in functions for tasks like chart and film tracking (including tracking deficiencies), release of information functions, and coding and abstracting configurations.

Chart & Film Tracking

A patient’s medical records mainly flow from one healthcare provider to the next through the charts (where every medical professional they see makes notes about the patient’s appointment) and films (their X-rays). As you might imagine, most adults in the U.S. probably have hundreds of charts floating around from various appointments over the years with the multiple doctors (some general practitioners, some the specialists they referred us to).

EPIC HIM attempts to unclutter the mess (and allow providers to give more efficient and accurate care) by ensuring that the information associated with each patient’s medical history integrates into multiple other facility management systems (for instance, when a patient schedules an appointment with another doctor, his or her records can be attached to that appointment, ensuring the new doctor can see all the prescriptions, advice and diagnoses of the previous medical professionals). You can actually track a patient’s movement throughout the facility or healthcare group.

Chart Deficiencies

EPIC HIM allows facilities to track delinquencies, as well. If a patient is in arrears, it will generate follow-up messages. There are even tools to help clinicians resolve these deficiencies quickly and easily. The system helps providers improve reimbursement by making sure the charts contain all the key information they need.

Release of Information

While other medical professionals do need information from your appointment with the patient to properly care for them, providing medical information to others (even others in the same facility) is something you should take seriously (not only could it compromise the patient, but the healthcare provider could inadvertently violate the law). Add to this the number of requests a facility (especially a large one) is likely to get in an average day, and you can see how this could become a daunting task. EPIC HIM allows medical professionals to track and fill these requests and generate charges and collect payments for the service.

Coding & Abstracting

EPIC HIM makes coding and abstracting easy with fully configurable coding information, which is required for diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) and other groupers calculated by third-party coding products. This may be especially useful for facilities that outsource medical transcription services.

EPIC Healthcare Information Management (HIM) Jobs

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