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Are you going live on a new EHR, ERP or with new clinical devices? Excite offers a wide range of services to support your activation needs. From managing your on-site activation to providing virtual go-live solutions we have the resources needed to support your activation plan.

Prior to go-live, below are just some of the areas that should be fully planned out to secure a successful project.

      • Communication and documentation processes for on-site and/or virtual go-lives
      • Create a master schedule and accommodate reductions in head count
      • Command Center preparation
      • Identify the process for emergency updates and ad hoc training needs
      • Train At-The-Elbow (ATE) support on hospital specific systems & workflows

On-site, virtual, or a hybrid of the two, we can help develop the ratio of ATE resources needed for your organization’s initiatives.  Although we have a standard process for the delivery of activation support, we flex our approach to accommodate our client’s needs.

Training can make or break a new system’s successful activation.  The need for trainers can dramatically vary based on how large your organization is, the products you’re deploying and the need to train end-users in a relatively short period of time.

Excite can help staff your training needs.

specialists in EHR specific modules


We can provide lead trainers who specialize in your hospital’s EHR specific modules. The lead trainers meet the below criteria.

  • Certified and/or have many years of implementing a system
  • Experts in workflows and developing training materials based on workflows
  • Create curriculum and training content based on roles and workflows
  • Develop ad-hoc training materials for issues and work arounds

enhance your team support

Specialty Provider Trainers

Specialty provider trainers are clinically licensed in the area of care that they train in. Our experts understand the roles and responsibilities and work to educate like providers to enhance the process and support your team.

train on feature and functionality

Virtual Go-Lives

Should the need arise at your facility, Excite has the experts and experience to assist on your virtual projects. We ensure that each of our consultants not only meets the performance requirements but the technology and communication requirements as well. We have the ability to quickly set up multiple ways to communicate with end-users. We also perform pre/post go-live “walk throughs” including personalization labs that can be scheduled to train on feature and functionality.

Fully referenced by our clients

At-The-Elbow Support (ATE)

Our ATE staff, for activation support, have a minimum of 3+ years of ATE support experience and a minimum of 5 go-lives. Fully referenced by our clients, we have never understaffed a project and find known qualified resources to support your EHR, ERP, upgrades, or medical devices needs.

activation & training services

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training content & logistics development
credentialing trainers & schedule approval
training & onboarding ate support
go-live support & ad-hoc training
deploy and stabilize

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