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We recognize the financial pressure many organizations face with the ever-changing reimbursement model and at-risk programs. We have the experience and expertise to help healthcare organizations meet both their financial and strategic goals.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Services “road maps”
  • Community Connect
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • At-Risk Revenue

3 to 5-year plan


We can help your organization develop a 3 to 5-year IT based planning, including strategic initiatives, portfolio management, total cost of ownership, staffing analysis, and overall IT spend. When it comes to strategic planning hospital systems need to deliver Value-Based Care and in doing so will need to leverage digital solutions.

Our solutions are geared to reduce costs, increase automation, and seeing patient engagement growth. With our custom digital road maps and cost/benefit models, we help identify and prioritize initiatives within your organization.
This is a significant growth area where large health systems are purchasing smaller hospitals and clinics. Excite has the experience to assist setting up the connect program, help deploy connect, and support the connect program. We do this by offering business consulting, experienced project leadership, and finally staffing help desk service/support staff.
As telehealth continues to make significant strides, we have the resources and experiences to help healthcare organizations identify their telehealth needs. Our telehealth solution, SnapMD, was developed by an ER physician and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. SnapMD is a secure HIPAA compliant enterprise wide telehealth solution with a rich feature set, ready to be fully integrated with your health system’s EHR. As healthcare systems continue to evolve, we can help ease the burden of implementing the best telehealth solutions to meet your organization’s needs all while driving revenue.

we can guide you

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our experts have the experience and knowledge to guide clients through the IT merger experience from identifying models of synergies to cost/benefit details. They will create migration strategies from today’s world to an ideal software portfolio that supports the needs of the future organization. Each merger is customized and unique and designed to tackle plans from data migration/abstraction to the consolidation of network domains and applications. Excite can guide and assist through planning to final execution.

identify problems & provide solutions

At-Risk Revenue

Figuring out why hospitals are losing revenue can be difficult. Excite can bring the right experience to the table and will help you identify problem areas and help correct it. Excite will review patient charts and financials to identifying areas in the process where operations are not performing at ideal levels. Inappropriate charging rules or poor system design/configuration can result in not so favorable financial performance. When the system is configured as designed our experts evaluate the requirements per payer and provider to ensure payer plan compliance is being met prior to sending to the payers.