Electronic Health Record Support

keep track of medical records digitally

we can partner with you


We work to partner with you to address the excessive workload. Our team can clean up your ticket requests and help you stay up to date by turning break/fix tickets around to support your EHR system. This allows your team to focus on new initiatives like optimization and upgrades. By bringing in our experts, you will build morale and retention in your team. We offer resources who have multiple implementation/configuration experiences and you can shift your resources to work on more strategic initiatives.

prepare accordingly


Excite Pre-Implementation Planning can help you identify efforts that are needed to help prepare your healthcare organization prior to beginning your project. Governance, organizational readiness, right-sizing team size, reporting/analytics, and project management are just some of the areas which are assessed to start a large implementation.

implementation strategies


Excite Health Partners can provide various implementation strategies for your vendor’s solution. We offer best practice options and recommendations for workflow design and system configuration. When it comes to testing, we focus on patient data flow across the different care settings while ensuring revenue cycle health and accuracy. We work to identify the right fit solutions best designed for the specific client.

improve efficiency


Our team focuses on improving the efficiency and automation of workflows to enhance provider and patient satisfaction. We engage with operational leaders to ensure optimal workflows and solutions meet your systems specific business goals for your stakeholders and patients.

correctly import data


Our experts can assist with integration to bring data to the right place in the right format. Whether integration data comes from biomedical devices or data exchanges via ETL, FHIR, or HL7. We will ensure proper communications across many different platforms leveraging the latest technology.

increase efficiency


Excite Health Partners can help optimize your system by reducing documentation time, improving patient care, and ensuring tasks and data requirements are met for top reimbursement.  Our team of experts focuses on reducing your patient care costs while increasing reimbursement from CMS.

transferring a system

Legacy Support

We know moving to a new system can be a daunting task. Our experienced legacy support consultants help assist with “keeping the lights on” while your FTEs transition to the new system. From niche ED systems to outdated ambulatory solutions, we have supported a wide variety of legacy systems. With our combination of experience and expertise, we can secure the best resources to keep your old system running while advancing to the new. We work to assist with organizational readiness, planning, managing, and executing each project on time and within budget.


  • Pre-Implementation
  • Design & Build
  • Activation & Training
  • Workflow Redesign
  • Optimization
  • Integration
  • BI/Analytics
  • Redesign/Automation

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