updating, migrating and securing

custom solutions

our expertise

Our infrastructure and information technology support team focus on updating, migrating, and securing your environment. Our IT Experts will design custom solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective to meet or exceed time/budget expectations. If you’re considering changes in your environment, let our consultants who are up-to-date with the latest technics and tools in the industry be a part of your solution.

a strategic approach

Data and Service Migration

We can assist health systems with migration while consolidating their active directory, workstations, and server infrastructure. We have a team that puts together a strategic migration approach that will meet your timeline and budget.

we'll ensure it's done right

Domain Consolidation

Our team can assist your domain consolidation by migrating and standardizing as well as customizing developing scripts to collect all data relevant to the migration. We will backup existing systems and setup trusted relationships prior to migrating existing objects. Before retiring existing domain consolidation we’ll ensure all Domain Name Server DNS conflicts are resolved and ensure all networking naming address ids are working properly.

challenge accepted

System Engineer

Our engineers have both the depth and width to architect solutions for the most challenging business objectives. We have designed, implemented, and migrated business class, enterprise active directory systems with a focus on uptime and limited disruption in extremely challenging healthcare environments.

prepping the system

Infrastructure Management and Architects

The Excite team will check the readiness of all necessary infrastructure requirements of your health system. We will be responsible for installation, configuration, and prep of allocated storage and the sandbox environment. Excite’s architects have the leadership and experience to design and execute a hands-on implementation for a technically complex healthcare organization. Our architects will work with your system engineers to ensure infrastructure is built per design.

we'll keep you protected

Information & Cyber Security

We understand the importance of security and cyber security. As millions of records are compromised each year, our security experts are your key to protection. Our security team can handle threats and challenges so your future is protected.

transform your test plans

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Our data warehouse & BI consultants have the knowledge in full life cycle development and data warehousing. They work with performance tools to source level, target level, and map level bottlenecks to implement data cleanup procedures. We help your healthcare institution execute test plans for successfully loading the data into key targets. They will also assist with identifying the solutions and analytic tools required to fit the financial and performance needs of the business.

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