6 Resume Tips for the HIM Professional

July 12, 2016

6 resume tips

6 Resume Tips for the HIM Professional

Having a solid and effective resume will greatly improve your chances of landing the job you are looking for. The biggest question is, how does one go about making sure their resume is strong? Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating, updating or refreshing your HIM resume:


List your certifications at the top

All of your relevant certifications should immediately stand out to readers. For many jobs in the HIM industry, certifications are a non-negotiable requirement, so it’s the first thing resume reviewers are looking for. Put them at the top, so they are not accidently overlooked. Plus, you worked hard for your certs, they should be showcased!


Include a qualifications summary

Towards the top of your resume, put in a short paragraph describing the top skills and qualifications you have for the job that you are applying to. This makes it easier for reviewers to see your relevant experience during their initial review.


Include your current contact information

This is a must! Include your most current email and phone number on your resume. Many times when applying to a job, you will be asked to list contact information elsewhere (i.e. on an online form, a physical application, etc.). Even if required to list contact information elsewhere include it on your resume. Resumes tend to be passed around; contact information provided elsewhere can be lost.  Always review your contact information before submitting a resume, so that hiring managers have no problem getting in touch with you.


Keep resume clean, concise, and to the point

Resume reviewers, especially in the HIM industry, look at multiple resumes a day, so it is important to keep it straight forward and to the point. If you have employment history that is not related to the HIM job you are applying for, leave it out. Stick to listing only what is relevant to the job you are applying for.

You should also try to keep your resume to 1 page, 2 pages if necessary, this way, the reviewer can clearly see all relevant information and won’t be overwhelmed with too much information. (Bonus Tip: If your resume is more than 1 page be sure to list page numbers in the format of “1 of 2 pages”, this way if the pages of your resume are separated the reviewer will know there is an additional page.)


Upload your resume in PDF format

If possible, upload your resume in PDF format. PDF files are able to be opened on any computer, regardless of the word processing software utilized. If you upload your file in the form of Word, Pages or another word processing software, there is a risk of the file not being compatible with the reviewer’s software, causing formatting to be disrupted and the content to be difficult to read. Also, if you have the option to upload your resume, avoid copying and pasting because often times it will lose part of its original format making it hard to read.


Use an easy-to-read font

It’s extremely important to use a clean font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Looking at a resume with a busy font makes it difficult for the reviewer to quickly read through and pick out important information. If you are trying to make your resume standout, try formatting it in a different way, but keep the font simple.