Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

April 19, 2012

Allscripts healthcare solutions offer many advantages to health information technology professionals everywhere who are looking to implement EMR systems and give their facility an operational edge.  Similar to competitors we have reviewed including Epic and NextGen, Allscripts caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes, with solutions available for small to mid-sized physician practices, clinics, hospitals, and large health systems.  Committed to innovation and connectivity, Allscripts boasts a strong provider network, with 180,000 physician users in 50,000 practices, as well as a presence in 1,500 hospitals and 10,000 post-acute care organizations.  Allscripts offers a wide range of ambulatory, acute, post-acute, and add-on solutions.  For our purposes, let’s examine some details surrounding Allscripts EMR software.

Allscripts Electronic Medical Records Options

Allscripts highlights three different EMR options on their website; Allscripts MyWay (1-3 physicians), Allscripts Professional (4-40 physicians), and Allscripts Enterprise (40+ physicians).  They offer services across over 20 specialties, ensuring that every facility’s needs are met.  Allscripts MyWay is an affordable solution for smaller practices and differentiates from other H.I.T. software providers by offering a single unified database, allowing facilities to share clinical and business information across their practice with ease.  Allscripts Professional and Allscripts Enterprise are both solid options for mid-sized physician practices and large healthcare communities by offering more robust features like anytime/anywhere access to information through mobile devices, flexible navigation, connectivity to over 50,000 pharmacies, and pre-loaded templates to work off from initiation.

Allscripts Vision
Connectivity has been a common theme when reviewing Allscripts, so it is no wonder that their company vision is centered around this concept. For Allscripts, connectivity ultimately means, “One Network.  One Platform.  One Patient,” which translates into one comprehensive medical record per patient on a single platform that can be delivered efficiently and effectively across every healthcare setting.  To contribute to this vision, Allscripts makes it a priority to power their software with advanced technology like Microsoft.NET, which utilizes an open architecture concept that simplifies connection to third-party applications across all settings.  In addition, Allscripts’ single patient record focus encourages physicians and other healthcare providers to connect and collaborate to provide the best possible care.

Physician and Patient Focus
Ease of physician use is important to think about when determining which EMR system to implement.  As would be expected, Allscripts has this area covered by designing applications that “work the way physicians think” and actually mimic practice workflow.  Beyond physician focus, Allscripts does not forget the patient by creating software that creates a detailed medical record presenting all the information necessary for an individual to receive world-class care and offering add-on solutions like the Patient Portal and Patient Kiosk.

With all of these features and benefits, as well as an emphasis on exceeding ARRA certification requirements, it is clear that Allscripts is a true competitor in the battle of EMR system providers.

Allscripts Jobs and Allscripts Services
Excite Health Partners is pleased to offer sought after Allscripts jobs to qualified candidates nationwide.  Visit our website or call us at 877-803-5804 for more information.  Looking for Allscripts solutions for your facility?  Contact us online or call 877-803-5804 today.