Cerner EMR Solutions- An Overview

May 15, 2012

Cerner’s EMR software is selected by many physician practices and hospitals/health systems to support their need for electronic medical records.  As a key player in the health information technology industry, Cerner boasts a commitment to transforming healthcare by offering products that eliminate errors, variance, and waste and change the way people use and share information.  In addition to EMR software, Cerner’s solutions span across employers, extended care providers, individuals and families, the medical device industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the healthcare research industry. Learn more about all of these options here.  Let’s examine Cerner from an EMR perspective.

Cerner EMR Software
Cerner has licensed EMR solutions in over 9,000 facilities worldwide and is able to work with a wide variety of users from small physician practices to large health systems.  Cerner offers an Acute Care Electronic Medical record for hospitals/health systems that achieves the goal of real-time access to patient information across care disciplines, includes a Chart Search feature that allows healthcare providers to perform structured searches of unstructured patient charts, as well as Advanced Care Documentation that automates documentation related to care delivery.  The Acute Care Electronic Medical record also allows for the secure access to patient information anytime, anywhere.

Cerner’s Ambulatory EHR was designed by physicians for physician practices and comes with many key elements that make it a top choice for clinicians across the country.  The Ambulatory EHR has features including clinical summaries, mobile clinical summaries, chart search, ePrescribe, nCode, orders and results, pre-completed notes, and electronic immunizations.  The software is also able to be delivered via Application Service Provider (ASP) model, remote hosting, or client hosting.  Thirty specialties are supported by the software and you can learn more about them on the Cerner website.

Cerner Millennium
Cerner’s main EHR software is Cerner Millennium, which is then further broken down into more specific solutions that coincide with many healthcare specialties.  Recently, Cerner announced the launch of Millennium +, an upgrade of the Millennium technology that delivers a new user experience by providing personalized and relative clinical workflows through the desktop, tablet, and smartphone.  This emphasis on delivering information quickly through traditional and alternate means such as mobile devices and iPads will further establish Cerner as an EMR leader. Millennium + is designed with ease of use in mind and requires minimal training and configuration and like Cerner Millennium, it will utilize the secure Cerner Cloud software storage feature.

With solutions that are focused on improving healthcare by offering providers complete patient information, connecting health systems to facilitate collaboration of care, and allowing for real-time chart access in any location, Cerner is sure to be a strong contender in the EMR software market well into the future.  Cerner strives for innovation and thus far, it does not disappoint.

Cerner Jobs and Cerner Solutions
Excite Health Partners is pleased to offer sought after Cerner jobs to qualified candidates nationwide.  Visit our website or call us at 877-803-5804 for more information.  Looking for Cerner solutions for your facility?  Contact us online or call 877-803-5804 today.