Cerner Millennium™ Pathnet

February 7, 2011

Licensed by over 8,500 facilities worldwide, Cerner is one of the leading records management solutions on the market today.

Cerner Millennium™ Pathnet is the most recent addition to the Cerner family of products. The technology, which uses Oracle’s relational database, allows pathology professionals to enter patient-specific information, then review and disseminate that information to virtually any place in the system. This means that specimens are tracked from the time of collection and can be attached to a specific patient’s records hospital-wide.

Pathnet is a comprehensive, unified solution intended to support core pathology departments for years to come, including general laboratory, cellular pathology, microbiology and blood transfusion labs.

In late 2005, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a 10-year agreement to integrate Cerner Pathnet technology into the nation’s Military Health System’s over 100 hospitals and 400 clinics around the globe. In 2007, the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs made a similar announcement.

Pathnet is robust as developed, but allows medical IT professionals and Cerner consultants to customize the software for a particular practice’s needs by adding or modifying interfaces and adding scripts or specific report functionality. Additionally, Pathnet can be integrated with other HIS software, including Cerner Classic and non-Cerner products, so patient pathology information can be shared facility-wide (or even between facilities).

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