Company Overview: Allscripts

May 23, 2011

In August 2010, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions merged with Eclipsys Corporation to Form Allscripts, the largest connected community of clients in healthcare. Referred to as the “Netflix for healthcare” by CNBC’s Fast Money in March 2011, Allscripts has a unique patient-centric approach to HIT solutions. Their mantra? One network, one platform, one patient.

About Allscripts

Allscripts offers a wide range of software for clinical and business applications, regardless of the size of organization. With a wide variety of templates available, the system is appealing because of its flexibility between specialties. In fact, many physicians of various backgrounds prefer Allscripts because of the intuitive user interface that “works the way physicians think.”

However, it’s connectivity is likely the most compelling feature. The system’s e-prescribing application integrates with over 50,000 pharmacies and connects to more labs than any other system available. Physicians also like Allscripts because it has an available patient portal so patients can log in to access appointments, records and billing information.

Allscripts Software

Allscripts is an industry-recognized leader in the EMR market. They offer comprehensive services based on proven methodologies, which maximizes the value of a practitioner’s or healthcare organization’s investment. Allscripts software solutions include solutions for ambulatory care, acute care, and post-acute care, in addition to other add-ons to customize your Allscripts experience.

Why Allscripts?

Allscripts has one of the largest provider networks in the U.S., including 180,000 physicians in 50,000 practices and 1,500 hospitals. This allows them to connect providers and patients no matter where the care is delivered: hospital, clinic or other facility, or even the patient’s home.

Their software is powered by advanced technology (like Microsoft.NET) and actually has a unique open architecture, making it easier to connect Allscripts to third-party applications from competitors like Epic.

Connectivity Solutions

Allscripts has also devised an open-platform system that represents “a fundamental shift in the way information is managed.” Allscripts developed Helios in response to old, rigid technology and closed proprietary solutions to support the commercialized integration between third-party devices, applications and ancillaries. The open-source solution is not only being used by Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Hill-Rom, but they’ve opened it to competitors as a way to solve the nation’s healthcare information problems and allow healthcare organizations to benefit from whichever product or combination of products that suits their needs.

For HIT professionals, the single-platform solution allows you to easily manage a simple, logical database, requiring fewer resources and less financial investment. Allscripts solutions meet ARRA “meaningful use” and HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 out of the box.

Are You An Allscripts HIT Developer?

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