Company Overview: McKesson

May 30, 2011

McKesson is a medical distribution and technology solutions company with three simple goals: to help healthcare facilities make fewer mistakes, reduce costs and provide higher-quality care. The nation’s largest healthcare IT corporation, McKesson provides technology services through four businesses.

McKesson Automation

McKesson provides an array of flexible solutions that support a hospital’s unique dispensing, inventory-management and medication administration initiatives. The pharmacy solutions (13 products) reinforce safe pharmaceutical practices and streamline operations. Additionally, the McKesson Automation solution has a nursing module (four products) that improves workflow, patient care and satisfaction.

McKesson Health Solutions

McKesson also provides a suite of integrated care-management solutions that helps boost care management, helps control chronic health conditions, guides level-of-care decisions, helps determine risk and forecast future needs, and even manages claims payment cycles.

The medical management solutions assist with healthcare applications (i.e., disease management, health and wellness, diagnostics), while the payment management solutions guide the business-side of the healthcare facility with solutions for claims and adjudications.

McKesson Provider Technologies

McKesson Provider Technologies delivers automation and robotics, business process re-engeneering, analytics and other services with the ability to connect providers, physicians, payors and patients. The goal of this technology is to provider safer, more efficient and more cost-effective healthcare.

Relay Health

The purpose of the Relay Health technology is to provide solutions that improve inter- and cross-clinical communication and speed up the delivery of care and monetary collection by connecting providers with pharmacies, payors and financial institutions, and patients. The Relay Health organization has a long list of transactional business and proven resources, allowing it to support care improvements and reduce costs. Relay operates in an open-network environment and is able to be a neutral partner among all organizations, systems and solutions.

Features & Benefits of McKesson Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

In addition to McKesson’s commitment to quality software for hospitals and large care facilities, it’s also a great solution for small practices. It’s easy to navigate, regardless of skill level. Because it allows facilities and IT professionals to automate certain tasks, it can improve the cash-flow of the facility by reducing the amount of time employees spend in collections and increasing successful collections. The EMR system also has a multitude of built-in, customizable templates for different types of practices.

Are You a McKesson Developer?

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