Cyber Security Summary – October 2017

November 7, 2017

The amount of healthcare breaches has decreased dramatically since September 2017. In the month of September, healthcare providers experienced 36 breaches with 464,722 individuals/records affected; yet in October, healthcare providers experienced 21 healthcare breaches with only 55,673 individuals/records affected. Contributing to these breaches in October were a few email, EMR, and paper/film breaches, and a hacking/IT incident.


Since the beginning to the year

Since the beginning of 2017, there have been 1,140 total data breaches causing over 171 million records to be compromised. Out of those, the healthcare industry accounted for 314 breaches and about 4.8M records compromised. The healthcare industry experience 27.5% of total breaches and 2.8% of records compromised.


Chase Brexton Health Care Notifies More Than 16,000 Patients After Phishing Incident

Between August 2, 2017, and August 3, 2017, a number of Chase Brexton employees received a bogus employee survey via email. It was determined that these email boxes did contain personal health information from several patients, including the following: patient name, patient ID number, date of birth, address, provider name, diagnosis codes, line of service, service location, visit description, insurance, and medication information.