September 12, 2019


Healthcare systems face several types of chart demands when focusing on abstraction projects. From abstracting patient data in an outpatient setting prior to Go-Live, to abstracting medication for in-hospital patients before activation – the list of abstracting needs is ever changing.

With the increase of Mergers & Acquisitions, converting charts and patient information from one system to another has been a key focus for many healthcare systems. While abstraction projects can face several challenges, remote abstraction projects bring their own set of unique problems.

Technology is a major obstacle to tackle during remote projects. Excite established a “Remote Hardware Requirement Guide” that helps to ensure all professionals have the proper elements needed for the remote project.

Although issues with internet providers can generate issues, ensuring all hardware requirements are up to standards will help eliminate numerous problems. Increasing technical resources on a remote abstraction project can also help free up the health system’s help desk when issues arise.

Clinical resources are an important factor in eliminating issues during a remote abstraction project.

By creating a collaborative environment, these resources can double check the work output is performed correctly.

Refining internal processes and tools to improve efficiency between management and teams also helps decrease issues. Progress trackers are setup to monitor each patient’s chart so abstractors can input the data into the new EMR system. Daily progress reports are another key element to track the project’s development. Project management tools like “burn down charts” allow leadership teams to track and monitor the teams progress and issues.

It’s important to continue to document, communicate, and adapt during abstraction projects. Excite Health Partners recently worked with a healthcare system to remotely support their abstraction needs, through our experience and expertise we have the resources to help with various abstraction project demands.

Todd Klein, CIO VP of EHR Services & Digital Solutions