Eat, Drink and Be Thankful ICD-10 Style: 9 ICD-10 Codes for Thanksgiving

November 23, 2016


9 ICD-10 Codes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the official kickoff to the holiday season and the holiday season is the “busiest time of the year.” This is especially true in the HIM industry.  Here are some codes you might be seeing after this Thanksgiving.

Y93.G3 – Activity, Cooking and Baking
Lots of food gets made on Thanksgiving, more cooking and baking equals more chances for injuries

W27.4XXA- Contact with kitchen utensil
You can’t cook (or eat) without utensils

Z74.2- Need for assistance at home and no other household member able to render care
It can get a little overwhelming if you are the only one preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

X10.2XXA contact with hot fats and cooking oils
Be careful deep frying the turkey.

W61.42XA- Struck by Turkey
Turkey, it’s what’s for dinner.

T28.0XXA- Burn of mouth and pharynx
However, don’t eat it before it’s cool.

Z72.4- Inappropriate diet and eating habits
Who doesn’t overeat a little on Thanksgiving?

R46.4 – Slowness and poor responsiveness
Can you say food coma!

Y92.011 – Dining room of single-family (private) house as the place of occurrence of the external cause
Because the most important part of Thanksgiving is spending quality time with friends and family and there’s no better way to do that than gathered around the dining room table.