EPIC Certification vs. EPIC Credentials

October 14, 2010

The Breakdown

As we mentioned in our last blog, EPIC consultants are in high demand. Our last post probably left many wondering what they could do to qualify for one of the many exciting positions we have open.

When it comes to EPIC, it isn’t enough to simply understand how the software works. Getting a job requires that you become EPIC certified or credentialed.

EPIC Systems offers over 30 specialized applications. IT professionals can become EPIC credentialed or certified in one or more of these. But there’s a difference between EPIC certification and EPIC credentials, so before you decide which route to take, here’s a general overview of each.

EPIC Credentialing

Getting EPIC credentialed enables you to become an EPIC trainer. The credentialing process requires you to train with EPIC or an affiliated provider of EPIC services. Unlike EPIC certification, EPIC credentials are only valid for the institution for which you’re credentialed. If you move on to another institution, you have to become re-credentialed. The process requires not only training, but that you actually present sample lessons and gain EPIC’s approval.

EPIC Certification

EPIC certification is a somewhat complex process. Because there’s such a dynamic learning curve for EPIC software, you must spend several weeks in training (how many weeks depends on which EPIC discipline you choose). You’ll have to travel to Wisconsin to be trained at EPIC’s headquarters. Additionally, you’ll have to periodically get continuing education to ensure you’re on top of the latest changes and updates. However, once you’re EPIC certified, you can take that certification with you to any institution for which you decide to seek employment. You must be certified separately in each application, and you may want to choose multiple disciplines to make yourself more marketable.

Whether you choose credentialing or certification, the process will likely take several months. However, gaining one of these valuable designations is the first step to a financially and professionally rewarding career. For more information, go to EPIC Systems’ website at www.epic.com.