Epic Healthcare Solutions- An Overview

April 3, 2012

Epic is one of the biggest names around in the world of health information technology.  Epic creates software for hospitals, medical groups, and integrated healthcare organizations that covers clinical, access and revenue functions, and ventures into the home.   In addition to making software, Epic provides implementation services, training (including courses to obtain the coveted Epic certification- see the difference between Epic certification and Epic credentialing in our past blog), optimization, architecture, content services, and can also connect independent physicians to community hospitals via a shared EMR system.  Overall, Epic is regarded by many in the H.I.T. industry as a premier provider of EMR systems.

Epic Software
Epic software- what exactly can it do for my facility?  Many healthcare leaders may be wondering this as they embark on implementing an EMR system, but it is also something on the minds of those who already have Epic applications in place and are looking to optimize results. In short, the answer to the question is that Epic software can offer many advantages to healthcare facilities.

Epic develops software that can be implemented quickly and easily used.  One reason why the implementation of the software can be relatively easy is because of the pre-built model concept Epic utilizes.  Once a facility decides to purchase their software, Epic is able to use pre-built content, workflows, and reports to hit the ground running rather than start the system build from scratch.  This translates into both time and cost savings.  In addition, Epic software is Physician friendly and has the ability to connect with existing IT systems.  In terms of sharing information, Epic offers Care Everywhere, in which the Physician has control of the data flow across organizations as well as Lucy PHR, where the patient controls their personal health information.

As mentioned earlier, Epic provides software for both hospitals and physician groups.  Facilities are able to select the applications they need, which span areas including Ambulatory EMR, Hospital Billing/ADT, Inpatient EMR, Practice Management, and external and personal portals.  Epic goes into detail on the applications they develop on their website.

Epic Health Information Technology Professionals
Once a facility selects Epic as their EMR system, the need to secure health information technology consultants with Epic experience is great.  Although Epic software is designed with the end-user in mind, its comprehensive operations can be overwhelming and will require experts for training, implementation, and optimization purposes.  Consider that depending upon the size of a facility, only a handful or up to hundreds of trainers may be needed to effectively educate users.  In this situation, where can a facility look to for their demands?  Epic currently offers implementation, content, optimization, architecture, and training services to clients.  However, it is important to remember that Epic’s training for the majority of users is mostly done via e-learning and that the other form of training they provide is to educate and certify facility project leaders so that they may teach their own staff.

For many facilities, it is wise to look to health information technology recruiting companies to provide them with the consultants they need to implement and maintain their Epic system.  An advantage of using a health information technology recruiting company is that there are large number of consultants readily available for EMR projects and also that a facility can specify that an Epic certification or Epic credential is required.  In addition, health information technology recruiting companies can alleviate the stress that comes with finding qualified consultants and are able to offer cost savings by tailoring solutions to a facility’s budget and timeline restrictions.

Epic Jobs and Epic Services
Excite Health Partners is currently seeking Epic Credentialed and Epic Certified H.I.T. consultants for positions nationwide.  Call 877.803.5804 or go to www.excitehealthpartners.com now to apply for a job today.  Excite Health Partners is also proud to offer Epic staffing solutions to clients across the country.  Learn more about Excite’s Epic services now.