EPIC Resolute vs. Hospital Billing

April 25, 2011

Beginning in the early 90s, hospital billing practices came under fire at the federal level, with accusations of unclear billing practices, over-billing, and a lack of special provisions for the billing of the under- or uninsured. The American Hospital Association and the federal government (along with many state governments) took action. The resulting guidelines and laws have improved the situation, but both fail to take into account the basis of the problem.

Hospital Billing is Complicated

It’s unlikely that most hospitals were actually attempting to cheat patients. Hospital billing is a complex process. Many patients have multiple procedures that may be completed over the course of several days, weeks or months. There are under- or uninsured patients who may need to pay out high medical bills over a period of several months or years. These complexities make it extremely difficult for hospital staff to keep up with each patient’s needs in a fair and legally compliant way.

Billing with EPIC Resolute

Enter EPIC Resolute. EPIC Resolute is the number one patient accounting and management software on the market, and for good reason. Resolute coordinates the billing of inpatient and outpatient procedures and gives the entire hospital staff tools that streamline billing, claims and collections. It improves patient service by drawing directly from EPICCare clinical systems (though as with other EPIC products, it can be made to work with third-party products by an EPIC certified or credentialed developer).

Resolute automatically obtains the appropriate information from each patient’s medical records and ensures that each claim is compliant with HIPPA transaction formats. Automated procedures allow hospital staff to do business as usual while Resolute works in the background, transferring accounts as necessary to or from collections status based on custom user-initiated routines.  Executives can track and receive reports on the hospital’s financial performance due to Resolute’s comprehensive reporting tools.

Because the patient’s billing records are attached to the patient’s other entries, patients with multiple procedures can more easily receive a single bill, rather than having several bills, which can become confusing and cause non-payment issues. Resolute also allows patient-specific payment plans to be tracked.

Overall, Resolute lowers a hospital’s reliance on resource-intensive functions (which saves money) and decreases the number of accounts that go into collections (which makes money) by ensuring patient billing stays on track.

EPIC Resolute Jobs

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