Epic Stork

May 16, 2011

EpicCare is used by physicians and medical facilities around the globe to organize medical workflow. However, with hundreds of thousands of specialized physicians in the United States alone, Epic’s typical offerings must be augmented with specialty software (called add-ons) to allow those practices to operate easily without interrupting their unique workflow. One such add-on is Epic Stork.

About Epic Stork

EPIC Stork is a specialty add-on for obstetric practices that helps OBGYNs and their staff gain additional automated functions and specialty workflows – basically, it organizes obstetric care and has specific functionality necessary for the workflow documentation of labor and delivery.

Obstetrics departments like Stork because it allows them to stay organized and follow processes exactly, ensuring each patient gets the exact care they need. This is extremely important because it’s a practice area that can sometimes become busy and chaotic unexpectedly.

Epic Stork works by organizing the course of patient care from beginning to end (including the very unique workflow of labor and delivery within the hospital). Everything is streamlined, organized into easily manageable routines, and documented properly.

While it’s designed to be used with EpicCare primary care, like other Epic products, it can be used with third-party software systems, as well. A healthcare IT professional can integrate Epic Stork with any systems currently being used by an obstetric practice and even customize the architecture and workflow to the unique needs of a specific practice. They can also help an obstetric practice transition from one software system to another. (If you’re an obstetric practice seeking a Stork consultant, we can help you with that. Just call us at 877.803.5804.)

Epic Stork Jobs

With heightened focus on more efficient HIT systems, many medical facilities nationwide are looking for certified or credentialed Epic Stork consultants to help them integrate Stork functionality with other HIT software systems.

Excite Health Partners has several openings for certified or credentialed Epic Stork consultants and trainers nationwide. If you have more than two years of Epic Stork consulting experience, a bachelor’s degree and are willing to travel, contact us today! Our clients are looking for consultants with build and workflow experience who can work well in small groups under tight deadlines. Call 877.803.5804 or go to www.excitehealthpartners.com now to apply.

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