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December 8, 2010

EPIC Willow

Excite Health Partners has several openings for certified EPIC Willow consultants and trainers nationwide. If you have more than two years of EPIC Willow consulting experience, a bachelor’s degree and are willing to travel, contact us today! Our clients are looking for consultants with build and workflow experience who can work well in small groups under tight deadlines.

EPIC Willow consultants will help physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other facilities of all types improve care by allowing them all to more efficiently monitor medications for individual patients. Call 877.803.5804 or go to www.excitehealthpartners.com now to apply.

Why Work With Us?
Excite Health Partners works exclusively with IT professionals and hires for only IT positions. We have a unique understanding of the needs of IT professionals and a pool of leading companies seeking top IT talent.

About EPIC Willow
EPIC Willow is an inpatient pharmacy system, formerly known as EpicRx. It links pharmacists, doctors, nurses and other industry professionals and facilities to a single order record for each patient. EPIC Willow reduces the likelihood of adverse drug interactions and increases patient safety. It integrates with other EPIC products to allow doctors and nurses to rely on pharmacy professionals to have a direct role in patient care.