June 16, 2020


The first version of FHIR was published Feb 2014, by the HL7 International organization.  FHIR was developed in part because of the lack of the HL7 standards to easily share real time data across a variety of EHRs.  FHIR is an intraoperative data integration tool/language which allows EHRs to deviate from exchanging complex Clinical Document Architectures (CDAs).

FHIR takes advantage of open API using a structured language to access and modify discrete data. Built on HL7 and HTTPS protocol, FHIR allows for real-time data gathering from multiple specific segments of data. In 2018 Apple announced its iPhone Health application. This app would allow viewing of end user’s medical record, via FHIR.  John Hopkins, Cedars- Sinai and other large hospital organizations supported the effort.  

EHRs like Epic and Cerner have supported the use of their open API’s via FHIR and SMART. Within the SMART App Gallery Store, hundreds of applications from Care Coordination, Patient Engagement Disease Management and COVID-19 use FHIR to access systems and provide specialized support for end users. By using SMART on FHIR, developers can create applications rapidly at a fraction of the cost. These new tools and technologies have helped to improve telehealth solutions.

Excite Health Partners is a partner with SnapMD. SnapMD is a top rated KLASS telehealth solution which can be utilized within the whole hospital system. By leveraging both SnapMD and the hospitals systems open APIs we can help support a smooth workflow for patients and providers.  It is paramount when integrating the systems SMART on FHIR is used to support the right clinical & patient processes. Use Cases are identified within each specialty of care and which devices are leverage throughout each type of patient interaction.  

To confirm the bills are dropped for reimbursement, it’s important to ensure the use cases and workflows are seamless and efficient while supporting proper sharing and storage of the data. SMART on FHIR is the way of the future and provides not only a reduced cost but also a rapid integration, allowing hospitals implement and utilize these systems quicker.

Whether an organization chooses to store clinical notes and discharge summaries within their EHR or in a telehealth solution, such as SnapMD, Excite Health Partners can offer the right support. Once the desired workflows are established, Excite leverages our technical expertise to provide the integration required to support efficient operations.

Todd Klein, CIO, VP of EHR Services & Digital Solutions