Get To Know AHIMA

July 23, 2015

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Get to Know AHIMA

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a worldwide, not for profit, association of health information management (HIM) professionals.   This organization plays a leading role in the HIM industry by offering medical coding certifications, training, education, an annual conference, and both student and career resources.  AHIMA is known to many as the leading supplier of HIM information.

AHIMA, which was founded in 1928 in an effort to better the quality of health records, currently strives to improve the application of electronic health records.  AHIMA works towards this goal by heading major HIM initiatives and advocating for high and consistent standards within the industry. They also support the advancement of medical coding by being 1 of the 4 parties in charge of the ICD-10 coding guidelines.

AHIMA offers all types of education ranging from certification exam prep to continuing education for seasoned medical coders.   The education AHIMA offers can come in the form of textbooks, in person classes and workshops, online webinars, and their online VLab (which according to is “an Internet-based, practical, participative, HIM and health information technology (HIT) work environment.”)  AHIMA also publishes e-newsletters, The Journal of AHIMA and the HIM Book of Knowledge (BoK) to keep industry professionals up to date.

Each year AHIMA hosts an annual conference.  The AHIMA national conference give attendees the opportunity to further their knowledge of HIM while networking with other HIM professionals and companies.  During the conference attendees are able to listen to key note speakers, participate in workshops addressing specific topics, meet with an assortment of vendors and much more.

Overall, AHIMA is one of the leaders of the HIM industry providing its over 101,000 members with information, education and resources.