Go-Lives and Go-Live Consultants

July 23, 2015
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Go-Lives and Go-Live Consultants

Technology used in the healthcare industry is constantly advancing, making it important for hospitals and other healthcare entities to make sure they are working with the most updated systems their software providers offer.  When a hospital or other healthcare entity upgrades its current software or implements a new system it goes through a thorough process.  The process ends when the program is launched and made available to all staff and personnel, this is called a go-live.

The process of updating or implementing software

Once a hospital has decided to upgrade or implement a system the process begins.  The healthcare entity will start by planning a budget, creating a timeline, and building an IT team.  The IT team is responsible for building and testing the program.  Once the IT team has finished building the software and completed a thorough and successful test, the software will be launched throughout the hospital, beginning the go-live phase.


The go-live and go-live consultants

The go-live is the final and most important step in the upgrade or implementation process because this is when all levels of staff and personnel begin using the software on an every day basis.  It is imperative that staff members receive the proper training and support during the go-live.

This is where go-live consultants come into play.   Go-live consultants are experts in software upgrades and providing support.  These consultants are able to provide all levels of staff and personnel with support in troubleshooting, reinforcement of trainings, offer advice on performance improvement and provide continuing on the job support.  Having go-live consultants on site helps staff and personnel continue to provide patients with high quality care without worrying about questions and concerns about the new program.  Go-live consultants are available to staff and personnel 24/7 giving staff and personnel the ability to stay focused on the patient’s needs.  Go-live consultants also ensure timelines are met, the upgrade process continues seamlessly, and goals are achieved.


The advancement of healthcare information technology creates the need for hospitals and healthcare entities to stay up to date with software and programs.   This is why go-lives and go-live consultants are crucial to the development of technology in hospitals and the overall healthcare information technology industry.