Health Information Technology Jobs Through H.I.T. Staffing Companies-The Benefits

July 20, 2012

Epic jobs, NextGen jobs, and Allscripts jobs are all among the most sought-after positions in the H.I.T. world.  Luckily, for many H.I.T. professionals, the need for these EMR experts is high as facilities navigate through EHR implementations as well as Meaningful Use guidelines (including Stage 2).  Accordingly, with the need for H.I.T. experts high, it brings up the question, “where is the best place to work?”  The options include working for facilities in permanent positions, working as an independent contractor, or working through a staffing agency on contract assignments.  While each of these possibilities offer their own advantages and disadvantages, working with a staffing firm holds benefits that cannot be ignored.

1.Customization-Consider working for a hospital or physician’s office.  It is certainly steady employment and ideal for some, but with a position of this kind comes locked in hours and locations, rigid pay scales, and the potential for monotonous work.  Now consider working for a staffing firm.  You are able to set your own guidelines for virtually everything you expect out of a job.  You dictate where you are willing to work, what kind of facility you are comfortable with, the hours and days that fit your schedule, and the pay rates you seek.  In addition, all of this customization falls under the notion that you only work on projects that specifically fit your background and allow you to hone your skills and take on assignments where you serve as a subject matter expert.  Peter Levy, H.I.T. Recruiter at Excite notes, “Staffing companies operate within the consultant’s best interest!  They give the consultant the ability to customize their own job based on pay, location, and responsibilities.  If we don’t have a project that matches what you are looking for, we will find one for you!!  We give consultants the freedom to create their own destiny in the workplace.

2. Variety of Available Jobs- Everyone who works in the H.I.T. world is well aware of how many different EMR software systems there are that are currently being used and how many different modules there are within each area of practice.  This creates a wide span of personnel needed each focusing on separate, specific areas.  So, while you may be an exceptional Epic Systems Analyst, a job as a NextGen Trainer is not at the top of your job search list.  By working with a staffing firm, you are able to reap the benefits of having a diverse client base that is sure to create a need for your specialty somewhere.  From project managers to template builders to clinical analysts, staffing firms cater to all job titles.

3. Job Search Assistance-Let’s face it.  Searching for a job can actually turn into a job.  It is a grueling and time-consuming process that often hits many road blocks or dead ends.  However, when you decide to work for a staffing firm this process is amazingly taken over for you.  Staffing firm recruiters act as your job search partners and it is their job to find you and place you in a position that works for your interests.  By connecting with a staffing firm, you instantly have access to hundreds of jobs across the country.  The search becomes less about how to find a job and more about which already available job is the best fit.  In addition, staffing firms aim to keep you working on a consistent basis as they all seek to retain top talent.  So while your positions may be on a contract basis, the end goal is always to have work set up for you when each assignment ends.

4. Travel-While it may not be for everyone, one of the advantages many H.I.T. professionals who work for staffing firms enjoy is the ability to travel to desirable destinations across the country.  With most firms having clients nationwide, there is a need for experts to be placed in facilities in great locations constantly. For example, if you live in Cleveland and are looking to get away from the snow for a bit in the winter, chances are you will be able to find a temporary position in a warmer climate fairly easily.  In addition, since you are working for a company where travel is a major focus, the process is hassle-free and in most cases, paid for up-front.  Excite operates under the premise of no fees for flight, hotels, or car rentals, which can certainly make things much more simple.

5. Flexibility-As mentioned earlier, one of the negative aspects of working in a permanent position at a facility can be the monotony that often surfaces.  H.I.T. professionals are known to be innovative, forward-thinking individuals who are excited about change as it is the nature of technology.  With a staffing firm, you are able to go from assignment to assignment at a pace that is right for you, guaranteeing that you will be able to gain experience in many different settings and continually add new things to your resume.  In addition, since you are working on contract assignments, you have the power to dictate what type of professional environment is best.  If you start a position and it is not the right fit, you have the opportunity to move on from it without immediately being out of a job.  David Barany, H.I.T. recruiter at Excite says, “If you work with assignment positions, you never have to feel like you can’t fit in and make it work.  You have the opportunity to move on at any and all times.  The type of people and environment make the position worth taking and it is easy to move on if you don’t like the direction in which things are heading.”

What we have reviewed are just a few of the reasons why working for a staffing firm is an excellent decision for many.  There are certainly many other aspects that make staffing companies a win-win situation for H.I.T. professionals and clients alike.

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