July’s Monthly Software Spotlight: Epic

July 8, 2015

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Let’s Talk About Epic

Epic is the leader in the electronic health records (EHR) industry.  This privately held healthcare software company creates software for both mid-sized and large medical groups.  The software is created in-house and shares a single patient-centric database.  Their applications support many different aspects of the medical world including, functions linked with registration and scheduling; Clinical systems for doctors, nurses, and emergency medical personnel; Billing systems to insurers and systems for lab technologies. Basically, if it is in the medical world Epic has an APP for that.

Epic serves about 300 customers including, The Cleveland Clinic, CVS MinuteClinic,  Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, UCLA Health in Los Angeles, Texas Health Resources and Duke University Health System.  Although, Epic Software has been criticized for being expensive the majority of users are extremely satisfied with the software. Not only do users recognize Epic for being exceptional, the software has received many awards.  Some of these awards include, the silver award for ‘Excellence in the production of learning content – private sector’ from QVC, the 2014 Best in KLAS award and the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Overall Software Suite award.


6 impressive things to know about Epic:

  1. As of January 2015, hospitals that use Epic Software hold the medical records of 54% of patients in the U.S.


  1. In 1979, Epic was launched under the name Human Services Computing Inc. Human Services Computing Inc. was launched by Judith Faulkner and several other partners.  Faulkner is responsible for coding the original software used by Epic and still serves as the company’s CEO.


  1. 69% of Stage 7 U.S. hospitals and 83% of Stage 7 clinics use EpicCare.


  1. The headquarters for Epic is based on a 950 acre campus. This campus is designed to promote creativity and includes a rock wall, farm, useable tree house, replica of grand central station and many themed training rooms.  Over 7,000 employees work on Epic’s fascinating campus.


  1. Epic is both privately owned and employee owned.


  1. CEO Judy Faulkner has committed to donate 99% of her assets as part of the Giving Pledge.