June 11, 2019

Managed Services: Reducing Cost & Increasing Value

Today’s IT department is supporting so many initiatives:

  • Adapting to New Payment Models
  • Improved Provider & Patient Experience
  • Population Health
  • Clinical Integration
  • Performance Improvement

It’s difficult to staff projects to accommodate the demands, timeframe, and budget all while providing the expected quality of work from your organization. As the continued trend for IT department spend continues to reduce, finding solutions for highly qualified staff and accommodating the CFO becomes more challenging.  Staffing is typically around 50% of the IT budget or higher.  Today many hospital systems are leveraging Managed Services to reduce their spend by 30% or more depending on the hospital system.  

Managed Services allow the CIO and IT directors to assign local staff to the strategic projects while working with the user base to decrease tickets with the help of remote staff.   The entryway into the cost saving approach is to find the right partner.  Someone who is dedicated to proving better service then you currently have at lower cost.   Your partner should have no problems providing an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that will meet (or beat) your current IT response time.  Another cost saving approach is to also have your partner in Managed Services take responsibility for on-call / afterhours.  This can either make up for raises the hospital couldn’t afford or reduce the costs for on-call pay with employees.  

Eliminating on-call can be an employee satisfier, in any case employee satisfaction will increase by a allowing resources to get away from the routine tasks of working down tickets and moving to project which are more strategic.  Managed Services can increase resources at the beginning of the engagement to work all application models down to zero. Manage Service can readjust resources to maintain fresh tickets in the que.  Your partner manages the work effort and staffing based on your current and changing needs.  The beauty of Managed Services is employee and end-users are more satisfied. This can help decrease costs and the headaches of adjusting staff levels also is significantly reduced.

Excite Health Partners has the expertise and experience to assist with Managed Services. We can help you explore all the possibilities while tailoring a program that provides you with the best savings and value.

Todd Klein

CIO, VP of EHR Services & Digital Solutions