MEDITECH EMR Software-An Overview

July 2, 2012

MEDITECH EMR software solutions are the new focus of the company’s H.I.T. offerings, which has benefitted many healthcare organizations nationwide as they continue to expand and enhance their services.  From the launch of their new 6.0 EMR platform to the continual emphasis on providing real-time patient information across all continuums of care, MEDITECH has proven itself to be a solid EMR software system provider.

It’s no surprise that like many other vendors,  MEDITECH provides EMR solutions across many facility types, including hospitals, physician practices, home care, long-term care, behavioral health, and personal patient access.  However, MEDITECH’s EMR software does have some distinguishing features that are worth examining.

1. Consolidation of patient information MEDITECH understands that good patient care is a collaborative effort and designed their EMR software to be accessible by all authorized physicians and clinicians simultaneously from one central location.  The longitudinal patient record is complete, up-to-date, and can be organized into clinical panels that group information relevant to the specific care provider.

2. Emphasis on security-As patient records are able to be shared across the continuum of care, this makes the potential for information to end up in the wrong hands possible.  However, MEDITECH remedies this problem by establishing roles-based access and restrictions to protect record confidentiality.  User access can be restricted based on the patient, location and confidential status.

3. Reporting capabilities-EMR reporting tools are of utmost importance to many healthcare providers and MEDITECH offers robust features that can trend patient data with graphs, flowsheets, and lifetime results views, generate current patient summaries, and archive information.

4. Compatibility with other EMR software systems-In a perfect MEDITECH world, every facility would use their software.  However, they realize that unfortunately this will never be the case, and accordingly designed their platform with the ability to support interoperability between other vendors systems.  Their Continuity of Care Document (CCD) exchange suite makes it possible to query and pull in External Medical Summaries (XMS) of past patient visits from other vendor systems.

5. 6.0 Platform-In the ever-changing world of health information technology, MEDITECH stays current by adapting their solutions to meet new product demands.  They recently rolled out their new 6.0 Platform which combines ease of use with high performance and high reliability.  For example, physicians are now able to access data via mobile devices and electronically place, sign, and transmit orders through CPOE.  Pharmacists can perform drug interaction checks against real time patient data.  Nurses can manage and prioritize their workload via customizable status boards, and H.I.T. staff can exchange data with other vendor systems with HL7 interfaces and the CCD exchange suite.  These are but a few of the many advantages of the 6.0 platform and you can read more about them on the MEDITECH website.

As MEDITECH continues to develop its line of software by responding to customer needs and maintaining compliance with ARRA guidelines, it is likely that more and more facilities will become MEDITECH users.  The MEDITECH community is expanding and rightfully so.

MEDITECH Jobs and MEDITECH Solutions
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