Mergers and Acquisition: Improving The Bottom Line

August 19, 2019

Mergers & Acquisition: Improving The Bottom Line

The transition from volume-based care to value-based care has been a driving force in the rise of merger and acquisitions in the recent years. Mergers and acquisitions allow organizations to tighten operations, streamline services and increase revenue. Many of the mergers and joint ventures are changing reimbursement models to cover the health of a populations all while reducing costs.

When merging two organization in ACO model, efficiency is key. An organization focusing on leveraging technology and increasing patient engagement is better suited to accommodate the public while targeting costs for the ACO.

Integration conversations are an important component surround mergers & acquisition. Integrating operations, IT assets, and supporting services as well as sharing of data between the two originations are vital pieces to consider. 

S.W.O.T Diagrams of each of the organizations can assist in developing the pieces of the puzzle when combining organizations. Identifying areas of weakness allow for additional partnerships to form strengthening the needed services. As healthcare organizations become larger and broader, niche services have the opportunity to accommodate certain patient populations. By increasing the patient satisfaction and leveraging technology, these services have the opportunity to be more efficient

Excite Health Partners is working with such a company right now.  By increasing patient engagement and satification, this organization excels in skill nursing services. As a result, they are purchasing service lines from healthcare organizations throughout the U.S.

Excite has also assisted a company by abstracting patient data. By scheduling the integration discussions in timely manner, Excite has helped to abstract data from three different EHR systems and able to populate all the data into our clients single EHR.

Whether it comes to strategic analysis, patient engagement, leveraging technology or just brute physical abstracting, Excite Health can be your Partner for your M&A.

Todd Klein

CIO, VP of EHR Services & Digital Solutions