NextGen Healthcare

April 12, 2012

NextGen Healthcare is an established leader in the health information technology world, providing software products, business services, and strategic consulting to hospitals, physician practices, health centers, and other healthcare organizations.  NextGen cites improving workflow, offering better patient care, and growing cash flow as fundamental ideals the business is committed to on its website, making it a company to watch for many healthcare IT professionals.  NextGen offers two products in its Ambulatory suite; NextGen Ambulatory EHR and NextGen Practice Management.  Let’s examine some key points to be aware of when reviewing NextGen from an electronic medical records perspective.

1. Broad Reach
NextGen caters to facilities of all sizes, making it an EMR solution that works for hospitals and health systems, group practices, and small practices.  This flexibility allows the software to overcome obstacles such as the ability to share complete patient charts across large systems, accommodating varying physician workflow preferences for group practices, or creating robust systems that can still be accessed quickly for smaller practices.

2. Ease of Implementation
NextGen understands that putting things into action quickly is one of the most important aspects surrounding EMR systems.  That is why they tailor implementation plans to meet your facility’s needs, minimizing down time and maximizing system capabilities.  NexGen also pre-populates your system with common procedure and diagnosis codes, Medicare claim rules, fee schedules, medications and practice data, allowing your organization to hit the ground running.

3. Specialty Specific Solutions
NextGen offers pre-built clinical templates and workflows for over 26 specialties that are sure to meet your needs.  Learn more about these specialties on NextGen’s website.

4. Customization
The aspects covered in the Broad Reach and Specialty Specific Solutions sections above are just a couple of things that demonstrate how customizable NextGen’s EMR systems are.  In addition to this, NextGen offers reporting, scheduling, referral management, ePrescribing features, and much more that can be customized for your facility.

5. Emphasis on Product Compatibility
Not being able to exchange data easily between your facility and other healthcare establishments  is a red flag that often arises when evaluating an EMR system.  NextGen comes out on top in this department by using widely accepted software standards to promote product compatibility and allow for a smooth exchange of your data with other healthcare organizations.

Taking all of these points into consideration, it is easy to see why many healthcare IT leaders are looking to NextGen for their EMR software needs.  NextGen offers innovative technology that can transform your facility’s data documentation and cater to your bottom line with proven ROI.

NexGen Jobs and NextGen Services
Excite Health Partners is pleased to offer NextGen services to clients and works with both Ambulatory EHR and Practice Management applications.  Contact us at 877-803-5804 or submit an inquiry on our website for more information about NextGen solutions.  Interested in NextGen jobs?  View our current opportunities online or call us at 877-803-5804 today!