Siemens Health IT Solutions

June 7, 2012

Siemens Health IT solutions are a mere slice of Siemens’ large global enterprise, however they are a crucial sector that that offer many advantages to healthcare organizations across the country  with their patient information, revenue cycle, and point of care options, among other services.  Siemens is dedicated to improving access to patient information to facilitate collaboration of care and allow for the most informed decision making among clinicians possible.  This mission is reflected in Siemens’ EMR systems, which makes them worth investigating.

Siemens EMR Solutions
Similar to other EMR software providers, Siemens offers EMR solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small physician practices up to large health systems.  Siemens EMR software is available for ambulatory and home health/hospice environments.  For the inpatient setting, three main solutions are available, including INVISION, Soarian, and MedSeries4.

Notable features of INVISION include:
1. Clinical notification inbox- on-screen and immediate notification of new results and orders for clinician access
2. Computerized physician order entry
3. Lifetime clinical record- creates a single, growing patient record of all information collected across the organization
4. ePrescribing medication history- offers outpatient prescription histories to clinicians in the inpatient, outpatient, and ER setting
5. PDA clinical assistant- offers clinicians convenient access to clinical profiles via mobile devices.

More information about these and other INVISION features can be found on the Siemens website.

Looking to Soarian, Siemens created this EMR software with efficiency in mind.  Its workflow technology was designed to allow clinicians of all roles to manage care and information simultaneously, regardless of the complexity of the organization.  Soarian emphasizes open communication and can be an ideal choice for large health systems because of its unique service-oriented architecture (SOA), which can coordinate complex processes, large teams, diverse roles, and separate departments.   Learn more about Soarian here.

Moving on to MedSeries4, this EMR software is geared towards rural and community hospitals.  MedSeries4 is easy to use and low-cost.  It offers features such as browser based navigation, EMR access via any internet connection or portable device, and medication management.  It also allows for the retrieval of patient information coming from the laboratory, nursing documentation, medications, radiology transcription, and medical imagery.

Beyond INVISION, Soarian, and MedSeries4, it is important to note that Siemens has established a partnership with NextGen and Delta Health Technologies to develop EMR software that connects acute and ambulatory care records through interoperability between their IT systems.  This innovative solution will assist healthcare providers manage and deliver care by offering access to clinical data across the continuum of care which includes patient history, images, details of acute care visits, treatments, medications, and discharge summary notes.

Siemens’ EMR solutions offer many key features that focus on communication and collaboration to improve patient care, which makes it easy to see why they are an established leader in the healthcare IT industry.

Siemens Jobs and Siemens Solutions
Excite Health Partners is pleased to offer sought after Siemens jobs to qualified candidates nationwide.  Visit our website or call us at 877-803-5804 for more information.  Looking for Siemens solutions for your facility?  Contact us online or call 877-803-5804 today.