Software Spotlight: eClinicalWorks

June 15, 2016

Software Spotlight: eClinicalWorks

Spotlight on eClinicalWorks copy

eClinicalWorks is a privately-held healthcare information technology (HIT) company. eClinicalWorks strives to provide efficient ways for doctors to communicate to other healthcare providers. When starting the company, eClinicalWorks main mission was to get rid of paper from a doctor’s office and instead, make connections electronically for doctors to communicate to pharmacies, labs and their supply chains. In 1998, eClinicalWorks was founded by Girish Kumar Navani, current CEO, and Mahesh Navani, current COO.  eClinicalWorks has become a leader in ambulatory clinical solutions, providing technology and serves to reduce expenses, mistakes, and improve the quality of life.

Currently over 70,000 facilities utilize eClinicalWorks services. The company has become the leading cloud-based EMR system in the industry, having over 800,000 medical professionals and 115,000 providers using their solutions. Their cloud-based software makes health records safer, more secure and easily accessible regardless of time or network traffic. This allows for their data to be kept private and block other practices’ data from interfering. eClinicalWorks is striving to make the healthcare industry a more efficient place, saying, “We are building bridges to better healthcare” on their company website.

5 Facts About eClinicalWorks:

  1. In 2007, eClinicalWorks was mentioned in Inc. magazine’s 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies.
  2. eClinicalWorks paired with the company Curas to give you fast, reliable and quality information through forms of patient portals, mobile devices and other technologies.
  3. eClinicalWorks allows patients to view complete medical records with only a few clicks on an iPhone or iPad.
  4. eClinicalWorks created “eClinicalWorks Scribe” which allows you to generate accurate Progress Notes and use voice-based commands to complete many documentation responsibilities within eClinicalWorks.
  5. To date, thirteen of eClinicalWorks’ customers have been recipients of the eCW HIMSS Davies Award, one being in 2015 for Grove Medical Associates.