Software Spotlight: McKesson

January 5, 2018

 Spotlight on McKesson

August Software Spotlight: McKesson


McKesson Corporation is a healthcare information technology, medical-surgical supplies and pharmaceutical distributor. As a healthcare information technology distributor, McKesson provides numerous healthcare entities with electronic medical records, data analyses, and facility management software.  The company was founded in 1833 by John McKesson and Charles Olcott and was originally called Olcott & McKesson.  Olcott & Mckesson was originally based in New York and created to sell imported chemicals and therapeutic drugs.

Now, McKesson is headquartered in San Francisco and employees over 76,000 people. They are the largest healthcare services corporation in the nation with more than $179 billion in annual revenue.  The corporation, which is ran by CEO John Hammergren, has one of the highest annual sales in the United States.  McKesson bases their business practice around shared values.  According to, “McKesson is in business for better health. As a company working with health care stakeholders in every setting, we are charting the course toward a stronger, more sustainable future for the entire industry.”

5 interesting facts about McKesson:

  1. McKesson is the oldest healthcare services corporation in the United States.


  1. In 2015, McKesson was ranked 11 on Fortune 500


  1. 50% of hospitals in the United States, 20% of physicians and 100% of health plans are served by McKesson


  1. According to, they are number 1 in medical-management software and services to payers.


  1. McKesson is one of seven founding members of CommonWell Health Alliance. Which, according to, is an organization that is “creating and executing a vendor-neutral platform that breaks down the technological and process barriers that currently inhibit effective health data exchange.”