Streamline Healthcare Solutions: Company Overview

May 9, 2011

Streamline Healthcare Solutions provides software solutions for behavioral healthcare organizations. They have three main objectives: 1) to develop solutions that evolve with a behavioral healthcare organization’s needs, 2) to work as an extension of their customers’ internal IT departments, and 3) to provide quality software and services at reasonable prices.

Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution, however, Streamline works with each organization to create a customized package that allows them to control the business, rather than have the software run the company. Their unique business model makes them a popular choice for behavioral healthcare organizations across the U.S.

No Upfront Licensing Fees

Unlike many of their competitors’ users, Streamline customers pay only for implementation and a low annual maintenance fee.  This lack of upfront investment allows healthcare providers to focus financial resources hiring developers to work on configuration and customization of the applications based on their business needs.

Trained Developers

Streamline has a large resource pool of Streamline developers, which allows them to complete many large implementations in as few as three months. If you’re currently looking for a Streamline developer position or need a Streamline developer, contact Excite Health Partners today at 877.803.5804 or go to

Personalized Support

Each customer is assigned their own project manager, which means they’re always dealing with someone who knows their business and can provide the most effective solutions. Additionally, emergency support is available 24×7.

About Streamline Software

Streamline has four main products available, which can be used out of the box or customized by a Streamline developer. Each of these programs integrates with all other Streamline products or can be configured by a developer to work with third-party software.

SmartCarePM – Runs operations like registration, scheduling, billing and program management.

SmartCareEHR – Used by clinicians to manage caseloads and documentation.

SmartCareRx –  Used to order and manage patient medications.

SmartCareMCO – For managed care organizations that must track client info and eligibility, authorize services and pay claims.

Streamline software has a unique top-down dashboard-driven design so the user never has to guess what to do next. Each user has a custom dashboard designed for their job needs. Additionally, a messaging and alert system allows them to communicate effectively and securely with one another and receive notifications when something needs their attention.

Since each application shares a common relational database that runs on Microsoft SQL, reports can be run easily to summarize important data and get a reliable snapshot of their organization and employee productivity and improve the quality of care they provide.

Are You A Streamline Developer?

If you’re a Streamline developer, contact Excite Health Partners today. Excite works exclusively to place IT professionals and we understand what IT professionals need. We have many leading companies seeking top IT talent. Call 877.803.5804 or go to now to apply.